Women In Lindsay Businesses - Rebekah McCracken

Women In Lindsay Businesses - Rebekah McCracken

Women in Lindsay business - Rebekah

We are celebrating Women In Business in our beautiful Downtown Lindsay!

Rebekah McCracken is a well-known face in Lindsay, especially in our beautiful downtown. She is an active member of our community, always participating in events, giving donations, and anything she can do to keep our downtown core thriving.
She is the owner of Hamilton Creek – Smartly Casual and Hamilton Creek Travel Trends, both located on Kent Street. Rebekah purchased the Smartly Casual location from previous owner, Chery Reid. She worked under Chery for a few years, learning the tricks of the trade and the community, until the opportunity to take over the business, presented itself years later in 2016. To date, Hamilton Creek has been a staple in Lindsay for 27 years. 


Rebekah has kept up the store’s reputation for showcasing classic and innovative fashions for women, but when she took over the business, as a working mom, she brilliantly expanded a children’s section, which was key for all of the young families who need a prime location in Lindsay. Whether it’s every day or formal wear for your little ones or “affordable and unique gifts for showers and special events,” Hamilton Creek has what you need. She specializes in “smart casual wear” for women and children, carrying Canadian and international fashions with amazing comfort, style and longevity. 

With great success in these areas, she opened up her second location, Travel Trends, in May 2017. This location offers, “a curated collection of fashion and footwear for all seasons, while focusing on swim, resort wear and accessories all year round.” It was a great idea, because many of our local female customers like to venture on cruises and other getaways in the sun, requiring outfits and accessories year round.

Rebekah and her staff are so appreciative of everyone who shops local and supports the small retailers downtown. We are grateful to have a her in our neighbourhood, always on board to help and support Lindsay, while bringing style and that warm charm that only a small town can.

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