8 Tips for Prom Dress Shopping!

8 Tips for Prom Dress Shopping!

Planning on coming Prom Dress shopping but want to be prepared? We have 22 years of experience helping young women find their perfect Prom Dress. We've put our experience into this list of helpful tips so you are ready to shop when the time comes!

Prom Dress Shopping guide

Our list of Prom Dress shopping tips

1. If you already have your Prom shoes, bring them!

2. Wear neutral bra/underwear. Proper undergarments help the dress look better on.

3. Come with your hair & makeup done – sometimes this helps envision what you will look like the day of the Prom!

4. Bring deposit money with you. If you fall in love with a dress, you want the option of being able to place a deposit on it to ensure it’s yours!

5. Bring a hair tie – This helps keep your hair out of the way when doing up the back of dresses

6. Bring socks/indoor slippers – We ask that all outdoor shoes be taken off when entering our Prom section. This prevents snow and slush from getting on the dresses.

7. Bring a parent/guardian or come with a friend! – We love helping Prom girls find their dream dress. If you have someone you would like to see the dress before purchasing, bring them!

8. Have an idea of what dress style you want? bring pictures! A lot of girls show us their Pinterest boards etc. This helps us have an idea of what you would like!

See you soon! 

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